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Weight loss is the top goal for many women, and plenty of publications and advertisers know that.

Women have products thrown at them left at right being dubbed as the miracle cure to their weight loss woes. The truth is, there isn’t one magic pill that will help, but there are supplements that are essential to reaching your goals in your journey towards wellness.

In this list, I provide 5 products that will truly impact weight loss not just for a brief period of time, but for long lasting results.


Leptin Manager™ represents an advanced, science-based strategy for positively affecting leptin levels. Leptin is a fat-cell derived hormone that is elevated in some individuals. Healthy leptin activity helps balance energy intake and expenditure by influencing appetite, food cravings, and metabolism.*


2 PrenuPhase by NuMedica

PrenuPhase™ is an advanced formula providing comprehensive glycemic and metabolic management support. Three powerful blends in this formula include:

Prenulin® — a patented formulation of L-Arabinose and Chromax® — has been clinically proven to aid in reducing the body’s ability to absorb sugar, thereby lowering glucose and insulin impact by almost 30%. The L-Arabinose in Prenulin® works by reducing the activity of the digestive enzyme responsible for sucrose digestion while Chromax, the most clinically studied form of chromium on the market, aids in healthy glucose metabolism.

Phase 2 Carb Controller® is an all-natural, non-stimulant, white kidney bean extract clinically shown to help delay the digestion and absorption of dietary starches by temporarily inhibiting salivary and pancreatic alpha-amylase. In conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise program, Phase 2® may assist in weight control.

InnoSlim® is a patented, all-natural ingredient derived from Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranaceus using proprietary extraction and processing technologies. InnoSlim® has been shown to help decrease circulating glucose and may reduce glucose absorption in the intestine while reducing fat accumulation.


Reset PATH® Support Formula, with NuMedica’s Metabolic Reset Program™, assists the body in resetting your metabolism to a healthier state using the highest quality nutritional formulas. This garcinia cambogia drop formula includes a full spectrum of appetite suppressants and nutrients to enhance metabolism and body weight.


In 2011 and 2012, there was a major craze online around getting homeopathic hCG drops. The NuMedica formula at that time used the hCG hormone. While there were some very good brands out there, NuMedica being the leader at the time, there were some less than reputable products on the internet as well that promised much and delivered little or nothing. No one knew what brands to trust, and what brands were nothing but “snake oil”. Many consumer complaints were filed about the false claims being made by so many of these products and the FDA decided to make the hCG hormone no longer available without a medical prescription whereby the use of the hormone could be better regulated.


ProbioMax® Lean DF features vegetarian, gluten- and dairy-free, patented HOWARU® Shape Bifidobacterium animalis subsp lactis B420. This probiotic strain has been proven safe, effective, and well-tolerated. It has been shown to assist with healthy body composition by improving gut barrier function, supporting the reduction of body fat mass, and promoting less calorie consumption.*

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