Vampire Facial


The vampire facial is a technique of using a micro needling pen. The first thing we do is numb your face with some numbing cream. We’re gonna let that sit on there for about 30 to 45 minutes so that your face is nice and numb. Then we wash your face and we're going to use this micro-needling pen to poke holes at a controlled rate of speed at different depths over your skin.

What this is doing is damaging the skin in a very controlled way that stimulates collagen and growth formation. It’s sort of like resurfacing your skin. The Vampire part comes in when we draw your blood and we spin it down a couple of times in a special centrifuge. This concentrates the plasma and the growth factors in a small volume. This is called platelet rich plasma.


We use the platelet rich plasma to put on your skin as we're doing the micro-needling over your skin. So it really enjects those growth factors deep into the skin. It gives a great result. You'll see tightening of skin pores disappearance of fine lines and wrinkles in general, just a huge increase in collagen for the surface of your skin. You're going to love it! So please give us a call if you're interested or if you want to know more about it thanks

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