Drip therapy treatments used to be exclusively for patients that were confined in the hospital. The advancements in health and technology have brought it outside hospital walls. People who are particular about their health can take on IV hydration therapy without being inpatients today. In this way, they’re able to get their needed vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for proper body function. Medications are available through IV hydration therapy as well. It’s all meant to help you feel better overall.

IV Hydration Therapy: In a Nutshell

Drip hydration means that nutrients are available immediately, giving the body 100% of whatever it needs at the time before it ends up flushed out through the kidneys. Vitamin infusions mean that all the nutrients will end up straight in the bloodstream—no need to pass through the digestive system that typically cuts down your body’s vitamin absorption.

There’s a wide range of benefits to your health and wellness that IV therapy can bring. That’s largely because of all the vitamins and supplements readily available. Read on for more on the positive impact of IV therapy on health and wellness.

Using IV Therapy Can Help with Losing Weight

Weight loss gets a major boost from IV therapy, which plenty of people appreciate. This is through several supplements such as:

  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid – Found in every single body cell, alpha-lipoic acid is an incredibly powerful antioxidant. It works with the cell’s powerhouse, mitochondria, for the betterment of metabolism. Inflammation is prevented, and toxins get eliminated by this organic compound too. Free radical (oxidant) damage associated with ageing is also addressed by this. While it’s available naturally from the body, the amounts synthesized are rather small.
  • Carnitine – Fat becomes fuel thanks to this amino acid. The fats get broken down by the mitochondria as soon as the carnitine delivers them. Since the mitochondria is essentially the cell’s powerhouse, that’s where fats get broken down for energy use instead. Carnitine is an ingredient that’s “conditionally essential.” Yes, it’s possible to get enough from eating, but not for everyone. Some people have medical conditions that heavily affect nutrient absorption; vegans will also have trouble getting this in their diet.

Using IV Hydration Therapy Is Ideal for Hangovers

For people that need to be alert and functional at work after a particularly fun night out, IV hydration therapy is great. It addresses typical hangover symptoms like brain fog or fatigue, aches in the muscles and/or head, dehydration, excess thirst, and even nausea alongside vomiting. It’s great to replace all the water the body lost from excessive alcohol consumption some hours before. Electrolytes are prevalent for this one in order to relieve dehydration and its symptoms, such as dizziness. Anti-nausea medication can also be added to address inflammation. Feeling better can start within an hour of treatment.


IV hydration therapy is no longer just for patients confined in the hospital. Today, many people get their vitamins and supplements from the quick, convenient treatment. Positive impacts include ideal hangover treatment and boosting of weight loss.

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