Each of us has specific nutritional requirements that may not be the same as others – not even our family members. That’s because everyone has a unique physiological makeup. As practitioners of functional medicine in Houston, we believe that proper nutrition intake and healthy lifestyle changes can help prevent and even treat diseases like arthritis, diabetes, depression, heart disease, and obesity. This is called nutritional therapy, and it can come in different forms, including medical food, IV therapy, and oral supplements. 

In this post, we will share the benefits of nutritional therapy and why this might be the best approach for you:

Nutritional Therapy – What Is It?

Nutritional therapy’s aim is to address the root and symptoms of various conditions, starting with a thorough examination and then changing the patient’s dietary habits and lifestyle. 

Your health care provider will first do a nutrition assessment. Your medical history will be checked, and you’ll be asked questions regarding your diet and your lifestyle. After the comprehensive assessment, you’ll get a diagnosis. You will also be given a tailored treatment program that is intended for the treatment of your condition and to meet your goals. For instance, the program’s goal may be to help with your digestion and absorption, detoxification, weight loss or gain, and stress management, among others. 

When it comes to dietary plans, you might get food recommendations that are animal and plant-sourced. The nutrition you’ll get includes macronutrients like carbohydrates, protein, and fat as well as micronutrients like antioxidants, fiber, and of course, vitamins and minerals. These are going to come from organic and unprocessed food. 

If you’re getting IV nutrition therapy, you’ll get liquid nutrients injected via an IV to make sure your body is replenished of any deficient nutrient. 

What Are the Benefits of Nutritional Therapy?

It Can Prevent Nutrient Deficiency

A lot of people live unhealthy lifestyles that make them nutrient-deficient, while others have allergies to food groups, meaning they can’t consume them and get the nutrients that come from those foods. While it’s important for their safety to eliminate those foods, they should get oral supplements or other alternatives so they won’t be deficient in the nutrients that they’re not getting through food. 

It Can Boost Your Immune System

Through nutritional therapy, you can boost your immune system and better fight off infections which is so important especially now. Apart from that, the suphat will be curated for you by experts who have studied your particular case, and can help improve brain and gut health. 

It Can Help You Lose or Gain Weight as Needed

Your doctor can help you reach your goal weight through nutritional therapy, too. You’ll be given the right diet plan for your health as well as an exercise regimen that you can follow. 

It Can Detoxify Your Body

Your body has so many toxins from the unhealthy food that you eat and other factors. IV nutritional therapy that involves the use of glutathione can help get rid of toxins from your body. Your doctor can prescribe supplements that can help detoxify your body. 

It Can Help You Manage or Prevent Chronic Diseases

Another important benefit of nutritional therapy is that it can help you better manage chronic diseases including diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, among others. It may be because boosting your immunity and losing weight, both of which are benefits of this approach, can also reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases.


These are just some of the health benefits of nutritional therapy. The start is knowing how to improve gut health, but the benefits go beyond that, though. It’s not only your gastrointestinal health that nutritional therapy helps but also your immune system, as well as the ability of your body to fight chronic diseases, among others. 

If you are looking for a doctor or a clinic that practices functional medicine in Houston, Balanced Body Functional Medicine is the right place for you. We can provide you with tailored treatment to ensure that you grow old and healthy the safest way possible. Contact us to get an appointment.

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