How to Understand and Take Charge of Your Sexual Health

Mentioning the word “sex” often comes with feelings of awkwardness. Since it is seen as a very private act, sex and the pleasure associated with it are considered to be inappropriate and even immoral. While it is taboo in many cultures, being comfortable with desires and feelings about sexuality is important. In fact, the World Health Organization puts stress on the importance of sexual health.

What Is Sexual Health?

Sexual health is a state of overall well-being related to sexuality. It is considered a key part of everyone’s identity. Good sexual health is affected by different factors. These cover access to sexual health care and factual information about sexuality, including knowledge of the risks of unprotected sex and how to make sex as safe as possible. It also requires an environment that promotes positive views of sexuality.

What Are the Ways to Practice Healthy Sexuality?

A positive sexual experience is safe, pleasurable, and free of coercion, violence, and discrimination. It also eliminates or reduces potential health risks. Achieving this is possible by practicing healthy and body-positive sexuality through these methods:

  • Use Protection

One way to be confident in sexual wellness is to always use protection when engaging in sexual activities. This sexual protection comes in different types, including condoms, fertility tracking, intrauterine devices (IUDs), and contraceptive shots. Each works differently and serves unique functions. This is why sexual partners must discuss their needs, preferences, and comfort levels to determine the right protection for them.

  • Treat Sexual Illnesses or Dysfunctions

Sexual illnesses like erectile dysfunction, reproductive tract infections (RTIs), and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can influence sex life. It may seem like a difficult topic to address, but discussing it with a sexual partner and doctor is necessary for achieving sexual wellness. Seeking the right treatment for these conditions will increase comfort and satisfaction.

  • Ask for Consent

A positive sexual experience is rooted in mutual consent. For this reason, consent is essential before starting any form of sexual activity. This involves clearly communicating whether or not a person wants to engage in it or asking them if they find the act comfortable or pleasurable.

  • Practice Proper Communication

Every person has their own preferences and needs, which is why proper communication is vital during sexual activity. Engaging in conversations regarding sexuality enhances pleasure and enjoyment and builds a healthy sexual relationship. Additionally, having these conversations outside of sexual activity is important. It also gives sexual partners the opportunity to assess how their sexual activity impacts their sexual health.

  • Consider Age and Gender

Sex is an activity for everyone above the legal age of consent. It can reduce stress, boost intimacy between partners, and even bring fulfillment to life. Since age and sexual and gender identities bring unique experiences to the bedroom due to varying sexual needs and abilities, it’s important to communicate with a sexual partner or consult with a physician for any concerns.


Despite it being a basic human need, many people do not openly talk about sex. However, starting these conversations is important. There should be no guilt in discussing or indulging in sexual activities since doing this promotes sexual health awareness. To stay sexually healthy and empowered, consider heading to a balanced body center and seeking functional medicine.

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