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    The Numbers Tell a Cryptic Tale


    Percent of either people who are Pre-Diabetic or Diabetic in America


    Die of cardiovascular related deaths per year


    Of adult women are obese in America

    Functional Medicine is

    For You if…

    • You want to address the underlying cause of your health concerns
    • You want to utilize natural methods whenever possible
    • You want to be empowered and educated
    • You are tired of a “disease model” of healthcare and are looking for a more natural approach
    • You don’t want to rely on medication or are tired of side effects

    A New Way Towards Health is Catching FIRE in America

    Watch the trailer to the documentary Escape Fire, an eye opening documentary on the turbulent state of America’s health care system.

    When you watch our webinar you’ll

    be surrounded by like minded

    individuals striving towards better health

    Not only does the Stress Hormones and Health seminar aim to teach you about the true cause of belly fat, but you’ll also be connected with other like minded people from your own community. You’ll be in company with other individuals who are on the same path towards wellness.

    As you’ll see in the trailer above, we are in a health care crisis. By watching our Stress Hormones and Health Webinar, you’ll learn the full details behind why this has happened.

    Before Finding Functional Medicine, I Myself, was Struggling with Depression, Anxiety and Mood Swings

    Back in the late nineties, I knew something was wrong with my body, but I didn’t know how to go about finding what it was. I started with my doctor and I asked her about bio-identical hormones.  And I realized by her response that she didn’t know anything about them. I suspected this may be the case because bio-identical hormones is not something that is taught in either medical school or residency. It’s something you have to go outside of those traditional systems to learn about.

    So I started my own quest to learn about this and I discovered functional medicine. Functional medicine is a more holistic way of looking for the root cause of symptoms, not just treating them with a prescription.  And so that’s how I started learning about bio identical hormones. And I can honestly say that now, after doing the bio identical hormones, the nutrition, the detox, I feel better today at 51 than I ever did, even in my twenties and thirties.


    Restoring health is what we do.
    Empowering women to feel and look their best is who we are.

    What You'll Learn in the Seminar...

    Here are the top five things you'll learn in our Stress Hormones and Health Seminar. We know these topics have been debated and argued over for years. In this webinar, we'll bring you the most up to date facts and truth about these so you don't have to continue guessing over what is right.

    The True Cause of Belly Fat

    How Hormone Imbalances are Keeping You From Quality Sleep

    Why You’re Craving Carbohydrates

    Why Calorie Counting Doesn’t Work for Belly Fat

    The Biggest Mistake People Make with Exercise

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