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Ozone is three oxygen molecules. This is very unstable as oxygen molecules like to be paired - not single or with 3. However, ozone is created when a high amount of energy is added to oxygen. At that point a small percentage of oxygen is converted to O3. Because O3 is highly unstable it makes it extremely useful to use as an adjunct for virtually every disease state.

Applications of Ozone:

- Injected into joints it decreases pain and increases function. This is ideal for anyone with osteoarthritis. It decreases free radicals and stimulates stem cells.
- Injected into muscles it has the same effect as above.
- 10 pass hyperbaric ozone treatment: this procedure involves drawing out some blood infusing it with ozone gas, and then infusing it back into the body. This is ideal for anyone with a chronic infection (Lyme, mold, viral infections, bacterial infections), arthritis, heart disease, skin disease, or anyone who wants a powerful anti-aging tool. It stimulates your stem cells, reduces inflammation, and improves oxygenation to tissues.
- Drinking ozonated water. Ozone is a great way to purify water as it kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. Drinking the ozonated water helps improve gut issues and reduce inflammation.
- Applying ozone to chronic wounds speeds up healing and kills infection.
- Rectal insufflation gets rid of toxins and improves the immune system.
- Bladder insufflation of ozone is ideal for those with interstitial cystitis and chronic urinary tract infections.