Hair Restoration


Your body is a complicatedthing.

Let’s break it down. Not your body... the explanation of how internal and external factors affect your body, and therefore your hair and hair growth.

Every day, the world throws a bunch of not-so-nice stuff our way such as: Stress, Allergens, Hormone Imbalance, Bad Nutrition, Overstyling

This "stuff" accumulates in our bodies and interacts with our unique genetic makeup. It sets off a series of responses that disrupt the follicles and shift the hair growth cycle from growth (anagen) to regression (catagen), which ultimately leads to the root causes of compromised hair growth. Stress-free hair will grow stronger, and addressing the underlying stress and “stuff” that accumulates will promote hair growth. This is hair growth science.

Before | After

46 Year old Woman
2 Years on Nutrafol

nutrafol-before-and-after-before-1-female nutrafol-before-and-after-after-1-female

Before | After

38 Year Old Man
7 Months on Nutrafol

nutrafol-before-and-after-before-3-male nutrafol-before-and-after-after-3-male

Before | After

51 Year old Woman
7 Months on Nutrafol

nutrafol-before-and-after-before-2-female nutrafol-before-and-after-after-2-female

But there's more...

The hair follicles in your head are actually a complex system within a larger network of the whole body. They function as mini organs, and you have an average of 100,000 of them. To understand how this larger network works, it is important to know which systems in your body affect hair growth. Your body is made up of a lot of different systems—and it might surprise you to hear which other ones also play a role in hair production:

Detoxification System
(Liver Processing)
Endocrine System
(Male and Female Hormones)
Stress Response System
(Adrenal Health)
Digestive System
(Gut Health)
Metabolic System
(Energy Conversion)

How Much Does this Cost?

$1,895.00 - 3 Treatments 4-6 weeks apart