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Julia Ward, MD, a holistic medicine physician in Sugar Land, now offers nutrigenomics – an easy, effective genetic test that scientifically determines the best nutrition for your optimal health. A simple swab inside your cheek will take the guesswork out the nutrition and supplements needed for your body to function at its very best.

What are genes?
Our bodies are composed of billions of microscopic cells. Each of those cells contains chromosomes, and each chromosome contains thousands of genes. Genes are the blueprint that determines our individual looks, traits and body function.

Genes also manufacture proteins, the foundation for every aspect of our bodies – from muscles and bones — to hair and nails. Proteins are the building blocks that tell our bodies how to absorb and use the food we eat and the vitamins we take; variations in these proteins also direct the way our immune systems function and whether we’re inclined to certain diseases or health issues.

What is Nutrigenomics?

Nutrigenomics is a simple test that examines your genetic make-up – including protein variations. With the results, Dr. Ward is able to tell you the type of nutritional supplementation that will interact best with those proteins and be the most beneficial for your health and wellbeing.

There is no blood test required, no equipment necessary. A simple swab inside of your check is all that’s needed for genetic testing. Within 7-10 days, Dr. Ward will receive a report detailing your genetic framework. Together you will discuss the type of nutrition and supplements that your body will absorb and utilize best.

Why waste time or money on nutrition and supplements that are not actually benefitting your health? Nutrigenomics will specifically tell you the supplements that will promote optimal health.

Mindful of everyone’s unique needs, Dr. Ward is dedicated to bringing health and balance to every patient.

Learn more about nutrigenomics, genetic testing and Sugar Land holistic medicine. Call Balanced Body Image at (281) 710-3380.

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